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Abarkuh is one of the oldest cities in central Iran

Some new questions from a tourist

Hello, Salam Mr. Mohammed!

I found your email through your website ( I am an Indian who is about to travel to Iran in October, and I am planning to visit  Abarkuh. I was wondering if there are any mosaferkhaneh, or guesthouses, or hotels in the little town, as I would like to stay in the place. Also, I will be coming from Yasuj: will I find bus or savari to come to Abarkuh? Do you have anything else to recommend/advise me? I'd be very grateful for all your suggestions.

Thank you so much; I hope this email link is still working.

Hello and Salam,Mr. !
Abarkooh is a good choice for tourists to visit and you have chosen some good time of year to travel ,now weather is very good.I suggest you to become familiar with culture of this part of the country and their Mood,is very attractive.
To answer your question about Mosaferkhaneh or hotel to rest and stay I should say it is better to find Hotel POOYA (if was out of service ask Natives they will guide you any way) also about Mosaferkhaneh you can ask native, they will guide you.
about your question about some vehicle to travel from Yasuj to abarkuh :abarkuh is on the road and the path of the road that connects Shiraz to Yazd (so you should go to shiraz first then come to abarkuh).Dont worry.


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Iran’s oldest man dies at 126

YAZD, Iran – Abbas Fallahzadeh, the oldest Iranian man, died on Thursday at the age of 126. He lived in the Abarkouh region of Mehrdasht in Yazd Province.
Fallahzadeh was probably the longest-living man in the world. 
Healthy foods and physical activity were seen as the secret behind his longevity.
Fallahzadeh who fathered six girls and one boy spent most of his life as a shepherd.
It was revealed just in April 2012 that Fallahzadeh, the most aged man in Iran, was living in Mehrdasht. 
According to his relatives, he mostly ate dairy products and visited relatives in different parts of the city by walking.

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another new quesion

Is it possible to ask for a sprout / a seed / something else from the Sarv-e Abarkuh to have its descendant in my garden?
Best wishes.


Yes,it is.

The tree is propagated by saplings and if you want an original cypress they are found in gardens around the tree, You can ask the natives.

But  if you only want cypress and originality is not important you can get  saplings and plant them, hoping that they would become old cypress trees.

Thanks for your question.

Good luck.

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New Question


Hi I'm driving from Shiraz to yazd. Do you have a map on abarqu to find icehouse, minaret and gonbad? Thanks!


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2 pics

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I would like to visit Iran as a Christian:
1. Is it safe?
2. What is the best city for me to visit, I would like to visit an old city with lots of Islamic architecture?
3. Is Iran an expensive country to visit?
1.surely. 75 million people live is a country with law.
2. Yazd (old architecture ) - Isfahan - Shiraz - Meshad -
3. No .
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what is the message of ashura

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The Cypress of Zoroaster

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The world's 10 oldest living trees

Sarv-e Abarqu

Sarv-e Abarqu, also called the "Zoroastrian Sarv," is a cypress tree in Yazd province, Iran. The tree is estimated to be at least 4,000 years old and, having lived through the dawn of human civilization not far away, it is considered an Iranian national monument. Many have noted that Sarv-e Abarqu is most likely the oldest living thing in Asia.
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Sarv-e Abarqu, The World’s Oldest Living Cypress Tree

Sarv-e Abarqu, (the cypress of Abarqu or the Zoroastrian Sarv) located in Abarkuh, Yazd, Iran, is the oldest living cypress in the world and one of the oldest trees. At more than 4,000 years old, it is possibly the oldest living thing in Asia. Think about what that means. This tree was young when the predecessors of the Romans first moved into what would become Italy. Stonehenge was being built. Judaism was new. Spokes were added to wheels, enabling migration across Europe.

This tree has seen the rise and fall of empires: the Qa’leh Shoga culture was in full swing when Sarv-e Abarqu first sprouted. It would already be old when the Elamites grew to prominence and fought a lengthy war with Mesopotamia. The Bronze Age ended and the Iron Age began. By the time of Cyrus the Great, the world’s oldest cypress was 1500 years old.  It would be 200 years before Alexander swept into Persia and destroyed Persepolis and another 200 until the Parthian Empire yielded its superior position to an emerging Rome. Islam would not arrive in Iran until Sarv-e Abarqu was 3,000 years old.

Imagine the untold millions who have passed by this tree, stopped to rest under it, sheltered under its branches on summer day.  Although a national monument nowadays, I can’t help but wonder how many people saw this tree and had no idea that they were looking at a piece of history that pre-dated Buddha by 1500 years, Jesus by 2000 and Mohammed by 2600.  Today Sarv-e Abarqu stands at 82 feet high, is 59 feet in diameter and is now a major tourist attraction.  It’s truly incredible that a tree that has seen so much turbulent history in a corner of the world where civilization first flourished has remained standing, resistant to war, the elements and the vagaries of human taste. The cypress has long been a favorite garden tree in the Mediterranean region. Perhaps that has worked in favor of Asia’s oldest tree.

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Sarv-e-abarkooh according to wikipedia, the free encyclopedia report at 2011

Sarv-e Abarqu ("cypress of Abarqu"), also called the Zoroastrian Sarv, is a cypress tree in Abarkuh, Yazd, Iran. It is an Iranian national monument and major tourist attraction with 25 metre height and 18 metre perimeter. It is estimated to be over four thousand years old and may be the oldest living thing in Asia.

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nezamieh madrasah (school) abarkooh

There are two minerates with beautiful tilework standing in Abarkooh
which are the remnants of the 1000 year old Nezamieh religious school built by the order of the Saljuki minister, Nezam Almolk. You can see Allah written in Kufic handwriting in tilework on the bulk of the minarets.

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gonbad e aali abarkooh - aali dome abarkouh

This dome (in persian:gonbad) is near Abarkooh and is located on the mountain that is near the abarkooh city. You can see it from kilometers far from the city from every point, is very beautiful and have writing on it that has made from soil and for hundreds of years never detached from it ,and the dome itself has made from soil plus some things else, that is very wonderful ,and the question is from what material it made that caused it so stable. See the picture below:



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old tree old cypress tree abarkooh

Old tree - old cypress tree- sarv abarkooh- abarku

This tree is oldest  and most beautiful tree around the world and tourists from all over the world come here to see is almost 4500 to 5000 years old that has been estimated by a russian professor also a japanese scientist has estimated the age of the tree as 8000 years.

The height of the tree is about 28 meters

For more information please contact me.

To view a larger size of image click on the image



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مطالب قدیمی‌تر